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MAKMAL DIAGNOSTIK is a laboratory where material inspection (sample) and handling of research results. Here is also a gathering place for Experts in their respective fields so that the reliability of their quality and validity can be accounted for.

Before being handed over to (consumers) patients, each examination result is always assessed and interpreted first by the Expert.

MAKMAL DIAGNOSTIK provides almost all laboratory tests for immunohendocrinology diagnostics such as reproductive hormones, specific proteins such as malignancy markers and seroimunology of TORCH, HIV, Hepatitis B and C infections, spermatology and cytogenetics



Makmal Diagnostik excels at Immunology laboratory examination services as well as other laboratory examinations. Such as: IVF, infertility, and things related to reproduction. Makmal Diagnostics provides complete and affordable laboratory inspection packages.


Makmal Diagnostik always maintains quality and is responsible for laboratory tests. In supporting the services of Makmal Diagnostics supported by integrated and competent human resources. Sophisticated equipment and guarantee laboratory results can be accounted for properly


Communication is the best way to make Makmal Diagnostik continue to improve itself in order to provide the best service to customers. Makmal Diagnostics is happy to serve customers via telephone, short messages via SMS, chat on Whatsapp Messenger (WA), and live chat via the website.

Service & Type of Inspection

See Our Types of Services & Inspections. All are complete and tested by experts who are experts in their fields

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Check & Promo Package

See our inspection package along with the latest inspection promos. Make sure you don’t miss this promo, please check.

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Basic Fertility Examination: Enjoyed or Complained?

Getting a baby is one of the desires and goals of a married couple.

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